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Fun, Flirty, Rebellious...sounds like a Tinder Profile, but in fact it

Fun, Flirty, Rebellious...sounds like a Tinder Profile, but in fact it's our Jewellery.


From shimmering necklaces and gorgeous bracelets to aesthetically crafted rings and earrings, we have got you covered. Every piece we create reflects our passion for detailing and impeccable quality. We can achieve this as all our natural stones come from ethical and conflict-free suppliers. They are of the highest grade with sheen comparable to nothing else. Our collections have you covered. Shop our different Collections which is perfect for each individual tastes. Our Rebel Rock Collection is our unique and edgy range made from all Natural shaped Gemstones, which are unpolished and raw. Chain Reaction Collection is perfect for layering. Barely There is a Collection we designed around minimalist simplicity. Our Extravaganza Collection is our oversized gems with brilliant splashes of colour.


What makes our jewellery stand out from the rest is its uniqueness. No two natural stones used in our jewellery will ever be alike, which makes them different from another. We make all our jewellery keeping the wearer in mind. Our gemstones are all set in Sterling Silver or 316L Stainless Steel and plated 18ct gold which makes our pieces hypoallergenic. All our jewellery is Nickel free. We stand behind everything we sell and also provide an authentication card with every piece of jewellery that you buy. The card can give you the details of the stone, where it was sourced from and other care instructions to be followed. Our jewellery is packed with the utmost care in specially crafted pouches to protect it from scratches, humidity, or any other damages. In the end, it is all about delivering jewellery, which you can cherish for years to come.




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