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About Us old

Welcome to our world, the world of Colour Addict, where we offer meticulously designed Gemstone and Handcrafted Jewellery. We also specialise in distinctive handmade semi-precious stone jewelry. We scour the globe for the best deals on gemstones that uplift our spirits and can become a source of inspiration for our clients too. If you desire an eye-catching and vibrant collection of bespoke jewelry that can enhance your beauty to another level, we are at your service. You can shop for our sparkling collection of jewelry online as well as selected boutiques worldwide.

What We Do

From shimmering necklaces and gorgeous bracelets to aesthetically-crafted rings and earrings, we have got you covered. Our team of artisans and goldsmiths are based in Jaipur and have created fine custom jewelry for tens of thousands of satisfied clients all over the world and pride themselves on their customer service. Every piece we create reflects our passion for detailing and impeccable quality. We can achieve this as all our natural stones come from ethical and conflict-free suppliers. They are of the highest grade with a sheen comparable to nothing else. Since we buy directly from the source, we can control the prices of the final product and pass on the savings to our customers, making it highly affordable for you.

About The Designer

Colour Addict is the brainchild of Vereena Harrington, a DeBeers award-winning Jewellery Designer. She was born in South Africa and her years of working in four continents around the world, coupled with her influences of Indian ancestry and Natural African Goddess imagery inspired her to bring her passion to life. She is now based in Singapore, but her distinctive styled jewelry can be found in all the corners of the world. Her unique design philosophy for Colour Addict is to make jewelry as beautiful as it can be while respecting the classics but also keeping up with the demands of modernity.



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